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 O U R  C H R I S T M A S   P L A T T E R
 4000 ISK

Hvammsvík’s Christmas platter for two with the 2022 Christmas herring, shrimp cocktail, Danish liver paté with bacon and mushrooms, hot smoked salmon with apple salad and game paté with lingonberry jam.

Add a shot of Icelandic Christmas spirit for 650kr per person.

In addition to a selection of wine, beer, tea, coffee and cakes we have a little something for everyone on our locally inspired menu.

Our Bar Snacks

Dried cod with dulse and butter
1950 ISK

Baked brie with honey and nuts
1950 ISK

Mixed olives
950 ISK

Hvammsvík Nut mix
950 ISK

Our Open Sandwiches

Sourdough bread with hot smoked salmon, sour cream and apple salad

Sourdough bread with danish liverpaté, fried bacon and chestnut mushrooms

Rye bread with pickled Christmas herring, eggs and arctic shrimps

Sourdough bread with red pepper-hummus and lemon



Our Soup

The Hvammsvík seafood soup with the best selection from the ocean, served with sourdough bread and butter.
2950 ISK

Vegan option available
2550 ISK

Our Wellness Shot

A shot of Hvammsvík – An energizing wellness shot filled with astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant from seaweed
650 ISK


Chocolate cake – can be served with whipped cream
1.250 ISK

Carrot cake with whipped cream
1.250 ISK ISK