At the end of the old bridge you will find the Rock Pools, a cluster of three interconnected pools.
Hvammsvik Hot Springs offer a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains
We have eight pools of varying temperatures, a steam cave and outdoor relaxation areas
The Tidal Pool offers a close encounter with the Atlantic ocean
Drinks are served from the bar in our Lounge Pool
The Beach Pools offer a more private setting to enjoy the surrounding nature

Recharge naturally

We offer eight natural hot springs of varying temperatures, situated along the shoreline and merging with the ocean.

An exploration of Hvammsvík Hot Springs will leave you both relaxed and invigorated.

Come immerse yourself in unfiltered Icelandic nature, only 45 minutes from Reykjavík city center.

An ever changing experience.
In harmony with the tides and seasons.

Hvammsvik Hot Springs are situated right on the Atlantic ocean, with water levels and temperatures of some of our natural pools fluctuating with the tides.

We promise you a unique experience. Every time.

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Pure, Salty and Good

At Hvammsvík Hot Springs you are immersed in a perfect fusion of geothermal water, flowing from our very own source 1400 meters underground, with seawater straight from the Atlantic ocean. The steady stream of this unique blend of water,  between pools, over their edges and back into the ocean, ensures optimum water quality and cleanliness.

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Eat & Drink

After a soak in the Hot Springs we recommend that you try some delicious, light dishes made from nourishing ingredients inspired by our surroundings.

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Nourish Your Senses

Nordic Angan – an essential oil distillery that creates fragrances from wild Icelandic flora – helped us capture the scent of Hvammsvík. By capturing the essence of the native plant sources on site, the Hvammsvík signature scent was born and has been infused into the nourishing hair and body wash available at Hvammsvík Hot Springs.

If you want to carry a little bit of Hvammsvík with you back home, you can buy a room spray with our signature scent, as well as a handcrafted nourishing soap bar for hair and body. The scent will take you right back to your Hvammsvík experience.

The products are meticulously handcrafted in Iceland in small batches using traditional techniques to ensure freshness. Local ingredients are sourced where possible and packaging kept to a minimum, to reduce the environmental impact.

Give the Gift of Nature

A visit to Hvammsvík Hot Springs is the perfect gift for those that appreciate nature and relaxation.

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The Inspiration

The Hvammsvík Hot Springs concept was inspired by the Old Hot Spring that has been on the property for decades, as well as rock formations that are seen along the coastline in Hvammsvík. Our pools were formed using rocks from the surroundings, in harmony with the nature and wildlife.

The facilities are constructed on original barrack foundations built by allied troops during World War II. Hence we are building on and preserving the rich history of the site.

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