Recharge naturally

We promise a unique and authentic experience in unspoiled nature away from the crowds as you linger in our eight natural hot springs that glide into the ocean surrounded by majestic mountains and black beaches.  Enjoy our infamous seafood soup, drinks and world class art in our beautifully designed facilities where every detail counts.

At the end of the old bridge you will find the Rock Pools, a cluster of three interconnected pools.
We have eight pools of varying temperatures, a steam cave and outdoor relaxation areas
Drinks are served from the bar in our Lounge Pool


6.900 ISK


7.900 ISK

Guests need to be at least 12 years and older

For rent

900 ISK
900 ISK
Wading shoes
500 ISK


Hvammsvik Hot Springs

Opening hours

Everyday 11 am - 10 pm

Open now

Included in the admission is unlimited access to all our facilities that you can enjoy at your own leisure. You can enjoy all of our eight natural hot springs, the steam bath, the outdoor & indoor fascilities, jump into the ocean, free use of our paddle boards or simply chill on the black beach or go for a hike in the surrounding areas. We recommend that you try the outdoor changing rooms like the locals where you shower under the open sky.

Eight natural hot springs that evolve into the ocean

temperatures range from ocean temperatures (around 10°C) to 42°C in the old original hot spring

The ocean is all yours!

Note, we recommend you bring shoes or rent ocean shoes since the rocks can be harsh and slippery.

Access to our Steam Bath & Outdoor shower
Free paddle board subject to availability and weather
Join the Atlas Challenge and win free admission and a drink of your choice!
Explore our multiple hiking and walking trails on the Estate

An ever changing experience. In harmony with the tides and seasons.

Hvammsvik Hot Springs are situated right on the Atlantic ocean, with water levels and temperatures of some of our natural pools fluctuating with the tides.
We promise you a unique experience. Every time.


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Scheduled Events

Christmas platter in Stormur Bistro

Monday 14.Nov 11:00 - Saturday 31.Dec 00:00
Hvammsvík Hot Springs
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Högni Egilsson í Hvammsvík
8. Desember kl. 18:00

Thursday 8.Dec 18:00
Hvammsvík Hot Springs
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Stormur Bistro & Bar

After a soak in the Hot Springs we recommend that you try some delicious, light dishes made from nourishing ingredients inspired by our surroundings.

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Arts & Inspiration

The Hvammsvík Hot Springs concept was inspired by the Old Hot Spring that has been on the property for decades, as well as rock formations that are seen along the coastline in Hvammsvík. Our pools were formed using rocks from the surroundings, in harmony with the nature and wildlife.

The facilities are constructed on original barrack foundations built by allied troops during World War II. Hence we are building on and preserving the rich history of the site.

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