The Atlas Challenge

The Challenge

Our guests are welcome to try the Atlas Challenge, but at their own risk!

There are 3 stones of different weight:
“The Lightweight” – 75kg
“The Standard” – 120kg
“The King” – 170kg

To successfully complete the challenge you need to lift a stone up on your shoulder and keep it there for 5 seconds.

A video recording is needed to verify a successful lift and to reclaim your reward, post the video on Instagram, tag @hvammsvik and use the following hashtags:

#hvammsvik , “hvammsvikAtlaschallenge and “hvammsvikhotsprings.

The Reward

A successful lifting of a stone results in the following rewards:

“The Lightweight” – a free drink of your choice at our bar
“The Standard” – a free admission for two at Hvammsvík Hot Springs and two drinks of choice
“The King” – free admission to Hvammsvík Hot Springs for a year

If you successfully complete one of the above challenges please reach out to one of our team members at the reception/bar and they will happily hand you your price.

Note that we do not recommend that anybody tries this ancient challenge without professional supervision and a doctor’s recommendation!